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Praphetic Praductions

Praphetic Praductions, LLC is an Independent Film Studio based in Richmond, Virginia.  Founded in 2002 by Praheme (writer/director/producer).


Our Company

We are dedicated to diversifying the standards of Hollywood, honestly depicting the complexities of all people, especially minorities, by telling rich stories relatable to every one.


Our Philosophy

To cultivate a tradition of making profitable award-winning films that look to examine the diversity of the human experience; the good, bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.


i.a.m. W.E

Innovate Astonish Motivate Wanting to Entertain + Educate = Effect

We make FILMS...

We make HISTORY...

Where seeing is believing...


writer, director, producer

Tim Reid


Ken Roy


Faren Humes

production designer

Jim Ed Wills


Dan Martinez



graphic designer

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#MUDDYLIONS Production Team


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